Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Playing With Project Life

Well I am back and finally unpacked. I started editing photos the day we got back and I am still working on it. I have approximately 2500 photos (obviously they won't all get edited, uploaded & printed)

Something that has occurred to me after many holidays is that I only scrap a small percentage of the photos from any given holiday. In the past I have put the remaining photos in a separate regular photo album. The problem with this is that they are not seen together. I did think of using the divided page protectors to add photos to the album but that just seems a bit out of character to go from a carefully put together and embellished page to a sheet of 6 photos on their own.

So this time I am planning to make an album with a mix of layouts and project life style divided protectors with photos and journaling that would otherwise not make it onto a layout.

I have been loving the look of the Project Life kits we have in the store and decided to take the plunge and buy a Core Kit (I ended up going with Honey) some 6x4 cardstock to match and a pack of the 3x4 grid cards for extra journaling.

Honey Core Kit
Honey Cardstock 6x4 pack
Grid 3x4 Cards
 I have actually been tidying and reorganising my scrap space so I haven't scrapped a layout using my holiday photos yet, however I did decide to put a couple of Project Life style pages together to start my album off. The first page uses the cards in the kit which are marked on the back as being for the front page. However I added the title, cameras, red circle with a star in it and the date.

One unexpected bonus I discovered was that the colours in honey go really well with the sn@p products from Simple Stories, the lettering is done with the Sn@p alphabet stickers.

So on the reverse of the front page I used photos we took at the airport. These are typically photos which would not get a layout to themselves. It was so quick and simple to select two cards which I would use for journaling, a title type card and some patterned cards. I wanted to pick out the orange tones from the Easyjet plane and my t shirt in the photo so used cards and stickers with some orange in them. 

It was really quick and simple to make but has enough embellishment that it won't look out of place in an album full of layouts.

I intend to get the rest of my photos printed and make a few layouts to get an idea of what I will have in terms of 12x12 pages and then identify where I can use the divided page protectors to add in photos and journaling in this quick and easy style.