Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Trends on Tuesday - The Grid

A popular page layout for including lots of photos is the grid which I used for this page.  I had loads of photos from the Para Olympics last year and wanted to mix a whole load on one page rather than just using a few pictures on each page, so the grid works really well for this.

I roughly divided my page in 6, though all my elements are kept fairly central on the page.  I used lots of my offcuts of the Glitz Cashmere Dame papers (which are here).  When I built each square (or rectangle really) I tried to add little details, such as the top right one has a butterfly, some ribbon and a washi covered wood veneer, I did this for each square trying to add elements that would draw your attention and just working on each section one at a time.  I also had a go at an ombre effect on one of the mistable thicker feathers (there are other shapes from this range here) using 2 different shades of mist.

So if you have lots of photos on one topic than see if the grid method works for you too - you could even spread it out over a couple of pages if you have lots of photos.