Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gracia's Diary

I, along with several of my scrapping buddies, participate in in the 'blog call' Story Telling Sunday.  This involves telling a story/memory on the first Sunday of each month.  For the whole of 2013 the call is to tell about something that is precious to you.

This month I chose to tell about a little collection of books I have, all from when Gracia was about 3 or 4 and all containing her version of what the day was like and what she did.  We would sit down at the end of the day, just before story time, and in her own words I would record how she saw the day.

I then decided to scrap a page with a few of her 'corkers' on and after looking through my insubstantial, ok quit substantial, pile of papers decided that these would be the perfect range for my story.  I loved the little bird stickers who seemed to be cheeping out her tales.

Have you scrapped something that may seem insignificant to others but is very precious to you?