Friday, 6 April 2012

Getting Started Early!

As I was uploading some photos from my camera for the class instructions I have been writing I found this photo which I had forgotten about.

I work part time as a teacher so my Mum looks after the girls doing the school run in the morning and occasionally looking after Olivia in the afternoons.

A few months ago I came home late one afternoon and found this on my scrapping desk.

Obviously while Mum was getting her lunch Olivia decided to help herself to some stickers, a piece of paper and a photo of her and her Daddy.

Now both girls know that they have their own "craft supplies" and they are not supposed to help themselves to mine or fiddle with projects on my scrap desk however it wasn't a disaster - the paper was left over from a DT kit which I had finished with and the stickers had come out of a box I unearthed in the loft so nothing I was desperate to use.

I had to smile at her pretty composition and use of the stickers to frame the photo - a future scrapper? What do you think?

PS she was only 3 at the time!