Monday, 15 November 2010

*Mel Waves Hello!*

First of all a big thanks to Ann for blogging for me last week, as you can imagine the post retreat work continues with unpacking and reorganising retreat stock and going through feedback forms before sending out info to the delegates about the events for 2011 so it was very welcome when the lovely Ann offered to do a few blog posts for us :)

I did have a wonderful day out on Saturday at somebody eleses craft event and it was simply heavenly to sit down and just scrap. We absolutely love doing the retreats but there is very little time to sit and just enjoy it because there is always a list of things that need doing - for the entire weekend our job is to do whatever we can to ensure that the delegates have the most relaxing and fun time, so to just enjoy a bit of time to sit and scrap was lovely this past Saturday. I worked on my class for the Eclectic Keepsakes December crop (which obviously I can;t show you!) and then accomplished something I have been promising myself I would do for ages and complete some of the half started layouts that sit in my "work in progress" drawer at home.

It is half past 11 and the light is dreadful but I will photograph and upload the two I finished tomorrow. Once again I needed to remind myself that it is ok to mix it up and have some layouts which have taken a lot of time and effort and others which are quick and simple. I find it is a constant battle with myself to balance out faffing around trying to make a masterpiece with the need to get on and get some photos scrapped and in an album!

I am pretty happy with the two layouts I finished - they won't win any prizes for exciting technique or design but they are now complete and it feels good to be able to file those away instead of keep looking at them half done in a drawer!

I also made two cards - one of which was an emergency, send it in a hurry card and I forgot to photograph it and one is for the Chicken Soup Blog - we have something quite fun coming up in December so keep an eye out over there :)

Apologies for no pictures - i will get those layouts up after work tomorrow :)