Tuesday, 7 January 2014

January photo challenge prompts

After the 12 days of Christmas blogging from the team I suddenly realised I hadn't thought about putting the blog post up with your photo prompts for the month! Never mind, there is still 3/4 of the month remaining and you may have photos taken already this year that fit the prompts below.

If you are new to the blog this is our monthly photography scavenger hunt where you can join in with snapping away during the month and trying to capture images that meet the prompts given. How creative can you be?

January photo prompts
1. Celebration
2. Sales/New Purchases
3. Resolutions/aims
4. Footwear/Footsteps
5. Something you've made
6. Self Portrait
7. Winter Chill

Make 2014 the year you photograph more, the year to capture the everyday. Whether you rise to the challenges of the prompts or simply take in more around you, maybe photographs for project life style scrapbooking or simply more just for yourself, get snapping in 2014!  If you fancy sharing leave us a link to your photos below, or pop over to the Facebook page and add your images to the gallery.

Happy snapping!